Certificate of Occupancy Requirements In Toms River NJ

Seller’s Challenges and Your Municipality’s Certificate of Occupancy Requirements Toms River NJ

Hurdles to Selling or Renting Your Home.

By Brian S. Delle Donne

August 31, 2023

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Hurdles to Selling or Renting Your Home in Toms River Ocean County, NJ

Certificate of Occupancy Requirements in Toms River NJ
Typical HVAC system

As I’ve told many clients, the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) requirements vary from one municipality to another. For example, there are 33 municipalities in Ocean County and Toms River Township is one of them. Some municipalities may not require one, but sometimes, like a certificate of occupancy requirement in Toms River, they do.

It’s very important to note that NJ State law is that every seller has to submit an application to their municipality so that a municipal Fire Official can inspect the house for (Presence and operation) smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and a fire extinguisher that is mounted in plain sight. This is State law and required in all municipalities; Townships, Boroughs and Cities.

Toms River Township includes a variety of things to be in order and it’s the responsibility of the seller to comply with these, basic items. Some of them are part of the standard, NJ compliant home inspection but that’s usually done on the buyer’s behalf, not the seller.

Regal Home Inspections, LLC can assist the seller in conducting the HVAC certification for a reasonable fee. The fee is based on the number of HVAC systems the home has. Most of the time a home has one furnace and central AC system. Sometimes a home may have a boiler and baseboards or radiators and a separate central AC system. The inspector will provide you with a quote for based on the type and number of HVAC systems your house has. The base price for a single HVAC system (e.g. One furnace with a central AC system) the price to provide you with the Heat Certification is $175.00.

New Toms River CO Ordinance Causing Headache for Homeowners – Lakewood News Network (lnnnews.com)

“This requirement can be satisfied by an HVAC contractor, a recent service document that indicates the unit’s operability or a NJ licensed home inspector’s certificate indicating the heat system’s operability. If the home has an oil tank, an oil tank certificate is needed, and a chimney certificate as well- all from licensed professionals in these fields. This is all in addition to other restrictions as well.”

From – Township of Toms River, NJ Continued Use and Occupancy of Residential DwellingsSearch: § 253-3 Inspection criteria. (ecode360.com)

SS 253.3 Inspection Criteria To pass inspection and receive and MCCUO, the subject dwelling must meet the following criteria:


(1) No open or unresolved building, zoning, housing, code enforcement, or engineering conditions, violations, or permits.

(2) Utilities must be operational.

(3) Property description is consistent with tax records.

(4) Furnace/boiler certification provided by a licensed HVAC contractor.

(5) For those properties serviced by well water, a clear well certificate issued in accordance with state law.

(6) Fireplace/chimney certification for wood/coal burning stoves.

(7) Certification from a licensed electrician that any pools, out-buildings, or other accessories or amenities serviced by high-voltage electricity are properly grounded and bonded.

(8) Properly certified heating oil tanks.

(9) The absence of substantive property maintenance code violations.

(10) Properly sized and visible house numbers.

(11) Walkways, including sidewalks and driveway aprons, free of tripping hazards.

(12) Graspable handrails and guardrails on staircases with four rises or more and decks/landings 30 inches above grade.

(13) All exterior receptacles GFCI-protected.

(14) Properly maintained and structurally sound fences and retaining walls.

(15) Conforming safety barriers for pools.

(16) Interior, thumb-knob door-locking mechanisms for primary means of egress.

(17) Suitable means of egress for all bedrooms, including properly functioning windows.

(18) Bathroom privacy.

(19) GFCI-protection for electrical receptacles within six feet of a water source.

(20) Properly functioning hot and cold water mechanisms in kitchen and bathrooms.

(21) No signs of active water leaks.

(22) Secure and intact high-voltage electric wiring, with no open splices or permanently mounted extension cords.

(23) Dryer vents with exterior discharge and approved tubing.

Toms River Certification Forms Including Heat

About Regal Home Inspections, LLC.

Regal Home Inspection is a family owned and operated business, a father and son team; Frank and Brian. We live in Ocean County and Monmouth County but we’ve performed inspection in Mercer, Somerset, Union and other counties as well. Founded in 2013 the company has conducted nearly 4000 inspections and the vast majority have been in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex counties. Frank and Brian are trained and licensed to conduct home inspections in New Jersey. They are both also certified to conduct radon tests in homes and Frank is also certified to conduct radon tests in non-residential buildings as well as schools and day-care centers.  Frank is certified to conduct inspections for wood destroying insects (NJ DEP 7B certification) and Brian is licensed to inspect and test for lead paint.

Many of the items listed above, and required by Toms River Township are part of our standard home inspection. That’s why we encourage sellers to have a, “Seller’s Inspection” before you list your home!

For a free quote specific to your Heat Certification needs, or for any of our other home inspection services please call Brian at 732-740-8365.

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