Inspection Find of the Week

Each week I will attempt to identify an interesting find from a home inspection conducted the week ending on that week’s Saturday.  I am beginning the posts for the week ending January 19, 2019.  Each line below shows the week that the interesting finding is from, what the general topic is and a link to a page or two explaining what the find is and why it might be of interest. If the week’s inspections are standard and nothing of unusual note, a week (or two) may be skipped.

The weeks are generally from Sunday through Saturday so the date shown is for the Saturday ending the week.

January 19. Transite  – Transite2

January 26. Moisture hidden a wall but found with a thermal imaging camera.  Moisture

February 2. The find of the week is a severed joist in the crawl space of a house.    Severed Joist

February 9. The find of the week is Knob and Tube wiring in a 99 year old home.    Knob and Tube

February 16. The find of the week is moisture in the hardwood flood in a house with a slab foundation.  Floor moisture

For February 23. That cow don’t have any down genes. A line from an old, favorite TV show, “Hill Street Blues” A flue pipe from a water heater that expects the hot exhaust from a water heater to move down!  It doesn’t work like that. A deadly combination of problems. It was documented as a, “Material Defect” in accordance with the NJ home inspection standards of practice.   Dangerous Venting

For the week ending March 2, 2019. Dangerous venting Part 2.   Dangerous Venting    Part 2

I skipped the 9th and resume here with my find of the week for the week ending March 16.  Do you detect a theme? Dangerous Venting Part 3

For the week ending March 23, 2019.  A worn roof surface. Worn Roof

Find of the week March 30, 2019. Wrong gauge wire? Mis wired

Find of the week April 6, 2019. When the walls come tumblin’ down.   Walls

Find of the week May 11, 2019.  Carbon monoxide can kill! Heat Exchange

Find of the week May 18, 2019. Notched beam. Notched beam

Find of the week May 25, 2019. Horizontal crack in the foundation. Horizontal crack

Find of the week June 1, 2019. Multiple gas leaks. Gas leaks

Find of the week June 8, 2019. Unsupported beam splice. Unsupported beam splice

Find of the week June 15, 2019. Asbestos flooring. Asbestos Flooring

Find of the week June 22, 2019. Electricity and water don’t mix. Electricity and water don’t mix

Find of the week for June 28, 2019. Plumbing leaks can lead to microbial growths and mold.   Water and Mold Final

For the week ending July 6.  Dangerous venting part 4 Involving a water heater.   Dangerous Venting Part 4

For the week ending July 13. Let’s make life easy and do the simple (and wrong) fix. Make life easy

For the week ending July 20. More bad venting. Flue reduction

For the week ending July 27. Sagging drain pipes.   Sagging pipes

For the week ending August 3.  Name that substance. Wet wall

For the week ending August 10. Two for One!  Radon & Gas Leak. I couldn’t decide which one was more noteworthy so here are both. Two for one

For the week ending August 17. TERMITES! What is bugging you  ?

For the week ending August 31.   Oil

For the week of September 7. A potential electrical fire. Electrical

For the week of September 14. Incorrect flue configuration.   Incorrect Exhaust Flue

For the week of September 21.  A roof structure (Specifically a truss) was modified. Trusses

For the week of September 28. Again, poor venting of a water heater. Water heater


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