Believe it or not, a very high percentage of homes inspected have some sort of WDI presence. Regal Home Inspections LLC’s senior inspector is a NJ DEP licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicator and in conjunction with that license is the knowledge to inspect for WDI and prepare the industry recognized Termite Certification. The certificate report is called the NPMA-33. National Pest Management Association, NPMA.

While it’s good for the buyer to know if there’s WDI damage in the home, your mortgage company will probably require the termite certification.

What are some wood destroying insects? For the purposes of a home inspection the, “Big 3” are termites, carpenter ants and carpenter bees.  In homes approximately 100 years old and older, another WDI, called a powder post beetle, is also, often found. The bottom line is that, as the category name implies, these insects damage wood! 99% of the time someone asks, “Are they active?” and that’s often an irrelevant question because if we’re seeing presence it’s often in the form of damage. And, just like a damaged piece of wood from someone with a saw that cuts a joist, the insects damage the wood and it should be repaired.

In the NPMA-33 we’re documenting, for example, presence or seeing live insects, damage from WDI and other indications such as staining, exit holes and shelter tubes.

If identified the home inspection report may recommend that all damaged wood be repaired. The NPMA may also call for the treatment of the house for one or more WDI. The mortgage company will require that treatments occur if warranted and possibly repairs.

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