Home Inspections For Sellers Monmouth County NJRegal Home Inspections specializes in Monmouth County, Ocean County and Middlesex County, NJ Home Inspections for Sellers. As a seller, you may have lived in a house for decades, raised a wonderful family, and now you’re looking to downsize or relocate to a warmer climate. You think your house is perfect but in fact, there may be some issues that the Buyer’s Inspector should find.

In a recent Seller’s Inspection performed by Regal Home Inspections the old TV antennae was still attached to the chimney. It’s not a big deal, but it should come down and the Buyer’s inspector should call that out. On another, the downspouts were depositing the rainwater too close to the foundation and that water might be a cause for a wet basement. The Buyer’s Inspector will note that. Both of these examples were easily addressed by the seller for very, very little money. If identified by the Buyer’s inspector we all know the buyer would have asked for more money to correct those items.

If you ask for a certain price for your house and you have a detailed inspection you can disclose that the price is set with the knowledge of the inspection. If you set a price THEN THE BUYER’S inspector finds these issues, you are in a price negotiation.

Sometimes things that I may find are too expensive for you to repair but at least you can make sure the house is priced with that knowledge rather than receive a letter from the Buyer’s lawyer right before closing asking for a price concession.

We proudly offer our services to Monmouth County, Ocean County, Middlesex County NJ and the surrounding area. Contact Regal Home Inspections to learn more about our NJ home inspections!

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