Regal Home Inspections has a number of goals when preparing the Property Inspection Report.

1) They should meet and (almost always) exceed the letter and spirit of the law with valuable information in a format that’s easy to understand and follow.  Items are clearly identified including, of course, Material Defects as required by law.

2) They must be thorough and comprehensive.  Written in a manner that the client can understand and get good insight into the home they are about to purchase.

3) They should include numerous, important photos. Many are captioned and highlighted with arrows or circles to direct the reader to the element of the photo that needs to be focused on.  I don’t assume that you already know what I am referring to.

The report is the document of record for the results of the Property Inspection and reports on the condition of the home and systems and components on that day.

While NJ law, technically, allows an inspector to give you a simple, hand written, checklist style report I don’t think that’s adequate and I will spend as much time preparing the report at my desk as I do on site at the inspection.  Some inspectors prepare a digital report right there on site and hand you a copy when they are done.  I do not believe that either the checklist or the digital, on site report is a product that is thorough or comprehensive enough for my clients.  The preparation of the report and presentation requires attention to detail just as the inspection did.  I believe an inspector whose priority is to hand you the report asap and move on to the next inspection is doing you a disservice and a poor job.

I hope that those qualities come across in the sample report here.

Click Here links below to view fictional reports.

SampleReport2018b1         This sample report is one from a very large house. We inspect everything from 700 square foot condos to 8000 square foot (and larger) homes.

SampleReport2018b2      The Electric section (Page 11) shows how thermal imaging can be used to find or confirm problems in a home. This example has to do with overheating wiring.

SampleReportSeptember2019      General home inspection report.

SampleReportFeb2021  Inspected 2021. General home inspection report. Approximately 4000 square foot house.

SampleReport2021 Inspected 2021. General home inspection report. Single level 55+ community in Marlboro. With a crawl space.

SampleReportJuly2021. Inspected July 2021. General home inspection report. Single family home, approximately 5000 square feet.

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