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NJ home inspection laws state what tools an inspector must have in their toolbox when doing a property inspection. In every facet of our work, Regal Home Inspections strives to offer local Brick, NJ, Ocean County, NJ, Monmouth County, NJ, Middlesex County, NJ and the surounding area towns the certified home inspection services that not only meet state minimum requirements, but exceed them!

For example, photographs are NOT required by law. As I am writing this I checked the disk drive with the photos I took. As of 12/18/19 I have taken over 152,000 photos for property inspections done to date 2019. Many were used in the reports but the vast majority were not. Regardless, it is the photographs that make a NJ Home Inspection Report more informative.

The NJ home inspection laws require that every inspector carry a combustible gas detector. We do and we use it on EVERY inspection where there is natural gas or propane gas. We are required to carry a moisture meter and we use it all the time to document the presence of moisture or to document on a particular date and time that there was no moisture. For example, if there is a water stain on a wall, the moisture meter will either document that the stain is dry or not.

Things not required but that we also bring:

  • An InfraRed (IR) camera.
  • A laser level to document and quantify the slope of a floor, for example.
  • A 22 foot ladder. While the NJ home inspection laws do require a ladder, the specified height is 11 feet. For safety, most ladder manufacturers instructions require the ladder to be 3 feet above the point where the ladder leans on the gutter. That means that 8 feet is the highest it can be used. Most homes require one to go a little higher than that and that’s why I carry a longer ladder. Please note that safety is the #1 concern so regardless of the height, the safety of the inspector to climb up onto the roof and off the roof is paramount.

In 2020 the Regal Home Inspections, LLC team added a drone to use for roof inspection. Training will occur in this new year. The drone will be another tool in the Regal Home Inspections toolkit used to serve the residents of Ocean County, Monmouth County and Middlesex County NJ and the surrounding area.

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